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Founded in 1967 as West Baking Company, New Horizons Baking Company has increased it's state of the art facility to currently serve over 2,000 quick service restaurants across Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan and Western Pennsylvania as well as national retail and sandwich makers.


From Our CEO


Welcome to our Website. New Horizons Baking produces hamburger buns and english muffins for Iconic Brands. Our customer base is broad and our commitment is to produce gold standard quality
bakery products that our customers love, and our employees are proud of making.
As CEO of New Horizons Baking Co, I have an incredible obligation to direct and motivate an amazing team of leaders. My family has owned this business for over 25 years. I am a second generation CEO and I have young adult children that work for the business and have the option to continue the legacy.
We produce RTE food – Ready to Eat. With that comes the responsibility to follow superior quality standards and requirements. We are SQF Level 3 Certified. We are audited several times annually by various customers. We produce for several Iconic Brand customers and take the trust they’ve put in us very seriously. We
operate several high speed production lines in multiple facilities. Our processes are automated to minimize the complexity and allow us to focus on innovation. Our employees make it all happen each and every day.
My goals include providing quality product and appropriate care for our customers, a commitment supporting the communities we operate in, achieving record sales, executing sustainable grow opportunities and consistently building on a culture that reflects our business model and workforce needs. I am proud of my Team, I am proud of the growth and development of our business over several
years, and I am excited about all that the future holds.
Thank you for your interest in New Horizons Baking Company.


SINCE 1967