Our History

Founded in 1967 as the West Baking Company, New Horizons Baking Company came under the leadership of Tilmon F. (Tim) Brown in 1995. By the time he came to New Horizons, Mr. Brown had already had thirty years of experience in the baking industry. His knowledge and expertise of the business made him well-equipped to make vast improvements to the company. 

One of the first changes he made as CEO was closing the general office in Maumee, OH and moving the corporate headquarters to the Norwalk facility. This move brought the executives to where manufacturing takes place. He also made the decision to reinvest in the business with the goal of improving both the quality of the products, and the quality of life for employees of New Horizons. Some of these developments included new machinery and diversification of our customer base. 

In 2008, Genesis Baking Company, a division of New Horizons, was formed with the intentions of expanding our business opportunities. The establishment of Genesis also allowed for increased diversity of the products we make. 

With the addition of new high capacity machinery, the Norwalk bakery was upgraded to a state of the art facility in 2011. As a result of increased innovations and growth, New Horizons currently serves over 2,000 restaurants across Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, and western Pennsylvania. We look forward to expanding our service beyond the Midwest in the future.


Chairman of the Board-

Tilmon F. (Tim) Brown

To ensure our customer comes first, we focus on the following:

Assured Supply  •  Quality Centered  •  Customer Centric  •  Consistent Performance  •  Reliable Approaches