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Diversity of employees, customers and vendor partners are of great importance to New Horizons and its affiliates. We are a member of the Northern Ohio Minority Business Council. Being a Minority Business Enterprise ourselves, we understand the obstacles that many MBEs face. This is why New Horizons aims to support other growing MBEs through our Diversity Supplier Program. 

With this program we plan to increase the diversity within the suppliers that we use. Many smaller, or growing minority owned companies do not have the same business opportunities as their larger counterparts, and we want to do part in addressing this problem. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to be a good neighbor to our fellow business owners by expanding MBE opportunities to bid on our business, and increasing our diversity spending to reflect the broader marketplace. 

We also want to help provide them with additional education and business development. Our diversity efforts do not end with our suppliers. In fact, we are putting programs into place with the objective of increasing diversity within our own workplace. 

Through our diversity efforts, we hope to enrich our company by drawing ideas and talent from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Diversifying our suppliers and workforce will equip us with the knowledge, perspective, and ideas we need in order to continue to meet the ever changing needs of client base. 

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