Commitment to

In our thoughts and business practices, we believe diversity contributes to a stronger and more competitive workplace and corporate environment. Hence, we are committed to infusion of diverse thoughts, practices, personnel, supplier management, and target customer base. It is through this approach that we ensure ourselves with a long, risk neutral business position. 

As a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) ourselves, we aim to support other growing MBE's through our Diversity Supplier Program. Through this program we are seeking to increase our diversity supplier base. The ultimate goal of this directive is to be a good neighbor to our fellow business owners by increasing their opportunities to bid on our business and help to provide them and us with additional education and business development opportunities. 

Our diversity efforts do not end with our suppliers. In fact, we are infusing new programs into our business with the objective of increasing diversity within our own employee workplace. Through our diversity efforts, we are committed to enriching our company by drawing ideas and talent from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. 

To find out more about our diversity supplier program and/or employment opportunities, please visit the appropriate areas within our site for additional information and contact points