Commitment to

People are our greatest asset. We engage, develop and empower our people for success!

  • We encourage and promote individual and team involvement

  • We train and support to achieve maximum growth and performance

  • We are entrusted and empowered to make impactful decisions

Our leadership and staff comes from a variety of educational backgrounds, but one trait they all have in common is experience. The combination of both academic and experiential knowledge means that our management team is well equipped to adapt to marketplace that is constantly changing.

While the academic success of our team is commendable, our professional experience is what truly sets us apart. The skills we have gained through work in our respective roles add immense value to New Horizons and our commitment to quality. Several of our top team members have nearly 20 years or more of experience with our company. Development and training, Knowledge sharing, coaching, mentoring and succession planning are critical to our success. The expertise of our people is what allows us to excel above our competitors.