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New Horizons Baking Company Goal:   New Horizons Baking has a sustainability goal to reduce non-ingredient water consumption by 20% by 2022

New Horizons Baking co believes in its responsibility to preserve the environment for present and future generations.  Each day, we make strides in our people, community and planet.  NHBCO is involved in the following sustainability initiatives: 

  • EPA Energy Star Challenge – to reduce energy use by 20% within 5 years. 

  • Our production facilities are zero waste to landfill.

  • Our carbon footprint reduces continuously as our flour is delivered via railcar vs. tractor trailers and our field service personnel drive diesel fuel vehicles.

  • Annually participation in recycling projects at local schools.

  • Over $500,000 per quarter of indirect spend is to minority business enterprises (MBEs)


Items that New Horizons diverts away from the landfill:

•  Corrugated Cardboard

•  Paper

•  Scrap Metals

•  Broken Plastic Trays

•  Scrap Wood from Broken Pallets

This past year, the Norwalk, Ohio Bakery was able to divert almost 500,000 lbs. of trash away from the landfill.  We have been a 0 Waste to Landfill Facility since the end of 2013.

•  RE-CONSERVE – Our waste management company assists to help sort waste and take any “leftovers” to the incinerator to make energy.

•  CHRISTIE LANE INDUSTRIES – Works with us to recycle cardboard, paper, and super sacks. Their efforts add to their financial benefit as well.  Their partnership with New Horizons provides financial and sustainable benefits to their school program as well.

Rise to the Challenge!

We’ve pledged to reduce this facility’s energy intensity by 10% in five years or less through the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry.

New Horizons’ Emissions Reporting

Click here for a PDF of NHBCO Scope 1 & 2 Emissions for 2017