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Commitment to

Understanding New Horizons' values and vision are keys to our ongoing success. These core principles influence the way we run our business and is the foundation of our interactions with our customers, with our employees, and with our products. 


  • At New Horizons we rely on having straightforward, Christian values. We are a business that is managed with integrity, treats others the way we want to be treated, and serves others a product that we would want to be served. We maintain high standards of integrity, honesty, ethical management, and sound judgment. These are the values we've always had, and we have no interest in changing them anytime soon. We believe that sticking to our values has gotten us to where we are today, and we certainly do not take them lightly.

Vision: To be the premier baking company in the U.S. and around the world.

  • Our innovations, experience, expertise and commitment to quality lead us to believe that we are more than capable of realizing this vision. New Horizons has what it takes to adapt to the ever evolving baking industry. Our high standards enable us to keep us with the changes in the market while continuing to make quality products. We are constantly looking for new innovations, technologies, and methods to both improve our business and live up to our high standards for quality. We firmly believe that New Horizons has the ability to make a significant impact in the market.



Our goal and daily commitment is to produce an assured supply of low cost, high quality, and best value baked goods for our customers. 

We currently produce several varieties of Soft Rolls and English Muffins. We are always eager to customize a product for our customers to meet your specific needs. 

Our customer base consists of retail stores, sandwich makers and food service markets. We would love to talk to you about your bakery product needs.



We strive to be the premier baking company in the U.S. and around the world. 

Our vision focuses us to be aligned with and supportive of our customers growth strategies; and to be viewed, based on our performance, as the best manufacturer and supplier of baked products in the industry. 

Realizing that quality is process driven, our strategy has been developed to take advantage of our strengths and to minimize any weaknesses.